Gastronomic Tourism

Gastronomic Tourism – What is it and why is so popular today?

Recently gastronomic tourism became an important faster grower segment in the tourism market. Within the bigger picture of people interested in discover new food and wine, is possible to identify two main categories. The first type of tourist is the one who consume gastronomic products as part of the travel experience while the second are those whose activities, behaviour and destination selection are influenced by their personal interest in particular products.

Either way, this new market is today extremely important in particular for all those rural destination that are trying to market themselves under a new and different light, in order to match this new generation of tourists.

But the appeal of gastronomic tourism became important also for all those big metropolis such us New York, London, Rome or Honk Hong where tourists wants to discover the local culture on a deeper level. But also, have the opportunity to experience those gastronomy excellences such as Michelin Star restaurants.

Museum, street art and heritage local places are no more the only focus of the experience, which needs to be in a more authentic and personal way. Enjoy the travel on a passive level absorbing general notion about the place visited is no more the experience, be active and meet the local tradition on 360 degrees level is what makes gastronomic tourism so important today. In conclusion, we can consider this new type of tourists both as a pilgrim than a gourmet. They are ready to get on the route and build up their journey having at the same time a new life experience with the local people.


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