Local is Good

During my last journeys I gave more and more importance to the experience of the local authenticity. Everyone gave different meaning to this concept but for me was mainly about gastronomic culture and tradition of the place visited. Is incredible how many things will be possible to discover about a country and its people through food. Why they use a particular cooking method, why they conserve product in a certain way or even all the different ways used to season various food. The wine tradition of a country says even more sometimes. You have place like France and Italy where wine is considered as a part of their DNA since day one or you have place like Morocco where according to the religious practice followed, alcohol is not such a thing.

But with or without alcohol and using cumin or oregano, each gastronomic tradition has something to offer to whomever is ready to explore it.

In this section of the blog I will revise with you the best culinary discovers of my last journeys.


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