Pasta&Vino- Palau, Sardegna

Living in London, aka the city with no sun, is not easy and if you are Italian and spring represent just a little intro before a full sun summer, things are not getting better. Following my needs of sun and relax I decided to went for nine days off-season trip to North of Sardinia.

Palau is the small town where I stayed. Connected with public transport to Olbia’s airport, this seaside town is the perfect place where to relax and enjoy the sea life. Moreover, many ferries are leaving every day the little harbour and bring you to the famous island of la Maddalena, which is also connected to another famous island called Caprera. April is an off-season month for Sardinia, which is better known for its summer season that starts in June till September. However, both because of this time of economic recession but also because people started to experience a new way of travel not always following the main touristic season, Sardinia opened its door even in spring. During this time of the year, you still can expect a lot of sun but also many trekking or cycling routes, while because of the weather the coast becomes more attractive for many windsurfers. Sardinia it’s basically offering a new market for that tourist willing to go on holidays without spending a fortune. Included in this package, food and beverage is another main attractive with regards to the rural tourism of the island.

In fact, the local “trattorie”, which are basically restaurant serving typical Sardinian food made by the same farmer who owns the restaurant are growing very fast and IMG_9171tourists often prefer them to the more touristic places of the coast. These places offer authentic local food, freshly made but also products that you can really call sustainable. This, together with the very affordable prices but also combined with the simplicity and the spontaneity of the owners is often a winning card for the farmers. My experience in the local trattoria in Palau Pasta&Vino it was the proof.

The first few days I tried different restaurants, all good but all with the same offers and approximately the same prices. After couples of days of research and conversation with the locals, I found the trattoria. My surprise reading the menu was big and from that moment I became a frequent visitor of the restaurant. Local and sustainable food, high-quality product served with originality but at the same time really affordable prices.

However, the food wasn’t the only surprise. Pasta&Vino in fact collaborated with local wine producers offering to the customers not only high-quality local wines but also something a bit different that you can’t find often in Sardinia. Coming from London, the natural wine market is something common nowadays, but not in Palau. The Italian wine market, similarly to the French one, is pretty much traditional, however, during the last few years is experiencing a new style of wine and surprisingly this arrived in Sardinia as well. The restaurant, in fact, cooperates with a local wine producer from Nuoro who is growing is wine in a totally sustainable and organic and biodynamic way, basically creating one of the first natural wine is Sardinia.

I found this collaboration, innovative and exemplary. A great support from a producer to another producer inIMG_9169 order to break the mould of the usual touristic offer, but also a way to present something authentic and real. The real enhancement of the local products means also, bet on something new and not ordinary. This new approach to the rural sustainable tourism includes a
also, visits at the local farmers and wine producers where tourists have the great opportunity to see how the products are made up and finally try them.

Unfortunately, this is still a niche market in Sardinia but from my personal experience, I hope this will become more and more popular, always respecting the traditions.



If you would like to see more pictures of my days in Sardinia: Sardinian Adventures


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