What are enogastronomic stories?

Enogastronomic Stories come from my personal passion for food and wine combines with my studies on tourism and business. I was born and raised in Italy, which shaped my relation with food and beverage that represents an expression of culture and local community. Living in London and working within the hospitality field brought my attention to the business side of food and beverage and how this became one of the fastest-growing sectors on the market nowadays. In such a city like London, restaurants and wine shops represent a great variety of culture, which gives you the opportunity to try always something new. Hence, considering this market from a tourism point of view, the result is a new segment within the tourism market which intends to explore natural environment and region’s identity through the contact with the local community.

The main aim of this blog is to share with people my personal enogastronomic stories about places where I go to eat or drink (or both), food and beverage related holiday but also issues with regards to communities’ identity and their relation to tourism. The intent is to bring more and more people to get familiar with real community’s traditions of a particular place or just get to know a really nice spot within your neighbourhood where to hang out with some friends. Enjoy tradition respecting the local community and rediscover authenticity are going to be key concepts within the blog.

Hence, Enogastronomic Stories is created for those people who willing to experience a different way of being a tourist, really involving themselves and establish genuine contacts with the visited places. But also to all those enogastronomic busters always looking for new places characterised by a deep research of genuine and tasty food and wines.

This will be a little trip inside a part of my lifetime, wish you all a nice journey!